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Activity Book for 10-12-year-olds

A business simulation activity book for pre-teens, which allows them to experience owning a business and aims to introduce some nuances of proprietorship - customer experience, expanding a business, saving, investing and decision making. 

To view the PDF of the book, click here

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To teach pre-teens the concept of value and money by introducing to a business that will be run by them.


The book is based on the business model of a lemonade stand.

Why a lemonade stand? 

It is a simple model that is easy to comprehend by children of all ages.
Complex concepts of taxes, goodwill and charity, investing, compound interests, saving, marketing, and advertising are made simpler using this model.

Insights from current books of the same genre in the market.

  1. Underestimation of the grasping power of the age group fails to engage the targeted audience.

  2. Target audience, not content when creative problems/solutions are not posted/provided.

  3. User not considered while making content.

  4. Biases in content writing upset the buyers.

  5. Colours in the book are uninviting and fail to encourage the child in book completion.

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1. The incentive to use the book.

2. Developing their interest in the storyline by adding new relatable characters.

3. Allowing their creative juices flow. (Easy - Medium level activities) 

4. Conflict/Problem is introduced to increase engagement and difficulty 

5. Positive feedback is provided to help

6. The closure is provided after serving the goal and a feeling of accomplishment is provided. 

To view the PDF of the book, click here

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