Redesigning a Citizen-Friendly Experience for Europe's Largest Science Museum



To better integrate the life of citizens and in its territory while increasing liveliness.


To create novel experiences for visiting,

participating, and 'living science'.


Redesigning the visiting experience by incorporating semantics of a Natural Ecosystem

Designing a skatepark inspired by the scientific temperament .

To combat the challenges that come with a large space like that of Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, we proposed a system that could decrease the cognitive load that comes with navigating the museum while offering a sense of closure post each visit.


We proposed to engulf the ambience of the Cité des Sciences with the ecosystems in the universe- in coherence with the museum's principles to make science accessible.

Compartmentalising the Space using Universe as an Analogy

Screenshot 2020-06-21 at 15.34.39.png

Using the layers of the Earth 

To make navigating floors easier, adding semantics and visuals to Cité de Sciences

Paris has a huge skater community. Attracting new visitor groups and 

subcultures and disseminating scientific temperament among them is another mission that Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie has. We took the opportunity to align its goals with those of the city of Paris to make the city cycle-friendly and proposed routes that could connect skater-hubs and parks to the north of Paris–the museum.

Our insights from skaters also led us to conceptualise a Skatepark in the premises of Cité des Sciences that propagates skate-science. To marry the values of skateboarders like precision, practice, technique with technology, sensors and hyper-personalisation.


Mentored by 

Romaric Le Tiec

Strate École de Design